April Magazines 2018 89014 - Page 82

Haute Spot Cool Vibe Meets Culinary Standout Esther’s Kitchen By Aly Wagonseller WE’RE LUCKY TO HAVE SOME GREAT RESTAURANTS in our town. Some are definitely designed with the tourist in mind (think elevated food and sky high prices), while others are a reg- ular guy’s go-to spot for trusted food, good value and convenient location on auto pilot. Still, once in a blue super moon moment, a very special newcomer joins our celebrated culinary scene. A place that excites people who love amazing food, yet don’t need the glam and expense of the Strip to experience it. Esther’s Kitchen, located at 1130 S. Casino Center Blvd., in the Arts District, is just such a phenom, offering clean and modern Italian comfort food that need only be tasted to know something extraordinary is going on. 82 The first thing a great restaurant needs is a chef that knows what he’s doing. In Esther’s case it’s James Trees, a born and raised local whose love of cooking started at an early age. Rising quickly and leading in the ranks of celebrity chef kitchens that included Michael Mina, Bradley Ogden, Alex Stratta, Eric Ripert and Gordon Ramsay, Chef Trees has honed his craft worldwide, expecting the best from himself, and now the staff at Esther’s. Everything is made from scratch, from a variety of pastas, breads, pizza dough and sauces to the sourcing and milling of corn for polenta, nothing comes from a box. It’s an expectation of excel- lence that’s evident from a chef perched center stage of the frenet- ic, open view kitch [\ۘ[H[\[XX[]\H\]H]X\Y\KX\ۚ[[\]Z[][]]HB\Y][[HXX[ \[ X^B NHY[H\\\Yو[\\K\KY]XK^H[[YH[X[ۜ][YHX\ۘ[\ [\XX[[HX[Hܝ[ۈوܘ]K[H\Y\\ B\Y]H\[XYH\Y]Z[XY]]\[]H[[Y[Z[ܝYˈH\XXYY[^YY[Hܝ[Hܝ\ ܙX]܈[\]X\YK]HܝY)[8)]\XX[\ܘ[K[[[\[X\[YY^\HXY ]\HY[Z[[\Y][Y\[Y\\H]ܙ[]H]\Y Y[Y\[ˈ^[YH[H]]\\YB]\[\KHY\[HXYHHZ[[Z\ۂܛ[H[\\[X]Y \H^\H[ܙX[Z[\›وH[H\Z[[ˈX\H]\\[\Y]\HXوYH[ Y][][ٝ[H\۸&]ݙ\ۙKXYH܈YHYܝ[H \HXYH\H\؝[\HHXX[NHXۙ\H][]\Y][\XH\YܘY[Y]ۚKXB۝YKYۛKX][H[[ܙK[H[ ]XH[YX][ۜ\H\YYHX[[ܛ\ۘ\K]X[X[K؜\[H[]\YKX]Z\YHBY\]X[]Hو\\[[HZ^ HYYH]][B]ܚ\H]\YK[YX][XK\H\[›ZH\\H]8&\Y\K[\\H\X]NH[X]H[[\وHX]Z\Y]XB]\YH[[Y YH]\Xx)]\ \X[ۋܘYZ[[H]YY\[H[H\܈\X][H\H\H[X\ۘXHXY \Y[H[H[][H YHZY\YHY H][ۈ]8&\\[Z[\H ]8&\X[HۙHوH\]X\[۸)[Y][YY\&HܙX]][\\[H[HYً܈\\][ۜ[x&[YY[K\]\\H܈[ MM M