April Magazines 2018 89014 - Page 62

April 04 4.6 & 7 – Great Vegas Festival of Beer Downtown Las Vegas Events include The Mad Craft Experience (4.6) with two days of tastings, culinary competitions and select beer from notable breweries. The Grand Tasting (4.7) features more than 500 craft beers and beer-inspired cuisine from top L.V. chefs. Visit www.greatvegasbeer.com for info. 4.7 – 9th Annual Ladybug Ball Bellagio Resort & Casino, 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation honors MGM Resorts Foundation for its long-time support at this charity ball. Guests will enjoy decadent food and drinks, a multi-course gourmet meal with wine pairings, live and silent auctions and more. Visit www.nvblindchildren.org for info. 4.7 – 6th Annual Sneaker Ball M Resort, 12300 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Pair your stylish kicks with your best party attire for a unique night of entertainment, cocktails, dining, silent and live auctions, all to benefit programs of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada. Sponsorships, tables and tickets can be purchased at www.bgcsnv.org. 4.7-8 – Free Hero Day Cowabunga Bay Waterpark, 900 Galleria Dr. Cowabunga Bay Waterpark honors all active and retired military, police, fire, first responders, EMTs and nurses, along with one guest, with free admission April 7 & 8. Visit www.cowabungabayvegas.com for info. 4.7, 14 & 21 – Multi-Cultural Events at Henderson Libraries Gibson and Paseo Verde Libraries Enjoy a live cooking demo with the German American Social Club followed by Las Vegas Bavarians folk dancing (4.7); l X\X]Y\XHY]\XܘY\YX[ M N[[ٙ\܂X[Hܘ][^ܙHHY[[و[\Y^H\XKY\\ۛ[H]˚[\ۛX\Y\˘K LKLMH8$\[HZ\ [\[HZ\ܛ[ L Hˈ\H]K[[[B^HHZ[[[H܈HY[\H[HZ\[[X]\[]H]\X[[\^X]H\][ZY^KH]\[]X[ۈ[[ܙK\]˘٘Z\H܈H[Y[B[[ܛX][ۋ L8$ L[X[[ T\Z]\[HX\H[\ ̌Hˈ[Z[ \[X[[H]\X^]Y[HX]\\YHوH[x&\Y\\\[HYHX[B\YۋX\X\ܛX[\]\[][ܚY\ˈHܝ[ۈوHYY[Y] Yx&\[[&\\X\][ \]˜[\˘H܈[ܙH[˂ L8$[]Y\[Y\ \ݙ[YH][\[K ˈ]\ XZ[[]\]\]YHZ\\ Y]\Y\[\X]\[\H][[\H L YH]X]^K[[[]X[ۋ\]˜۝ܙ܈[˂ M8$^HYXH[HX[[\Y[YBܘ\H^X][ۜ ͌X\]H LB^HYXH\[Y[Y][[و]H]\X]X[ۜ[ܜ8&[]]\]\\][ۘ[[ܘ\X[]\ ][[YX[ۜ\][ۚ\ˈ\]˙^K]X[ۋXY ܙ܈X]˂ M8$Z[HۈY[BH[]X[\Y\ MHˈ\Y\ [HY\]H[[܈XYYHو\Y\&H[X[[Z\[[K\YX\[ۛ܈Z\ۈ[HۜY[Z]X[܈Z\Yܝ[\ܝوHXYYK\]˚ܙ܂X][[˂ M8$ M[X[[]^H]\]YHHZ[ R[[ KSZ[H[[”[\\K ˈ[^HY] [[H܈[[ۙ]H^X\X\وY\&H\]YHHZ[]\YH[X\]Y[][]H][ [H]H]\X\[Y[\HY\Y[H\\^H\XH[][\]ܚ]H\]YH\\ˈY\\]˘X]KK M8$[\۸&\Y\љ\[\ۈ][[ۋ ˈܙY[[^HKY[\\XZ\]^HH[\ۈ][[ۈ\[܈HۙKY^H[X][ۈو]\][Y\˂[\ۙܚ]\ۛH[\]XY[K[YHY[\HY\]\XX[ZXZ[[H[\و\[ۘ]H\\ˈ\]˘][ٚ[\ۋH܈X][[˂ M8$S[][[[XH][\܈Z[X[ ˈۛ][H]KZHH\܈H\\]S&\Yۘ]\Hܘ[\[][X]\[[^[ܙ[\H\^Hق[Z][H]\Y\[\Z[Y[[Z\[HH LXZ[YY[\Y\\]ݚY\[\]\[˂\]˝[X]˘H܈[ܛX][ۋ M MH8$H M[X[\Y\Y[[Y\‘Y[X\L [H[ H\Y\[XY]H\[\\ ][YY][][\[X]]Y\X\Y[[X™][\[[Y[[[\]][ۜ\ X]H][ZHHY[]\[[Y\[X\ˈ\]˛\ݙY\Y[[Y\˘H܈[˂