April Magazines 2018 89012 - Page 61

A Step Above “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” – Admiral William H. McRaven Southeast Career Technical Academy Student Body President Meghan Henry knows that to make big leaps you must start by tackling the mundane. The basic task of making her bed in the morning has made a difference in her life. It sounds simplistic, but the routine chore segues into numerous accomplishments throughout the day. The payoff is rich, as she’s on schedule to attend her college of choice in the fall to pursue her dream of becoming a pediatric nurse. In the meantime, she’s focusing on maintaining her academic edge through graduation while fostering important rela- tionships with her family and faith. Possessing strong character and a humble attitude, Meghan Henry is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.657 Sports/Clubs/Awards: • Varsity Cheerleading, 2014-2016 • SCTA Class President, 2014-2017 • SCTA Student Body President, 2017-Present • HOSA–Future Health Professionals, 2017-Present • SkillsUSA, 2016-Present • Student Ambassador, 2016-2018 • Bible Club, 2017-Present • Junior High Ministry Volunteer at Central Church, 2015-Present • Kids Ministry Volunteer at Central Church, 2010-2017 • Bronze Medalist, SkillsUSA, 2017 What’s on your post-high school agenda? “I am proud to say that I have accepted my admission offer to pursue nursing at Texas Christian University. From there, I will earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and complete the necessary educational and training requirements to become certified in pediatric oncology.” Family is important to you. How do you stay connected? “I make it a priority to be home for din- ner most nights, to say yes to getting lunch or seeing movies with my mom, to offer to help my dad fix a car, or to play Call of Duty with my little brother. Family relationships are the most important because no matter what, they will always have your back.” How do you keep your priorities straight? “For the longest time, I would spread myself too thin and say ‘yes’ to everything. I have learned throughout high school that I do not have to excel at everything. Instead I devote my time and energy to my family, studies, student council, church groups, and I even have a social life outside all those things.” What do you consider a good measure of success? “I measure success on how many people I can make smile and laugh, or how much time I spent listening and caring about someone else. This mindset keeps me humble and ensures I am rarely disappointed with the outcome of something.” April/May 2018 Meghan Henry 61