April Magazines 2018 89012 - Page 26

For the Love of Food Packed with Flavor Fresh and Healthy Meals in a Bowl Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller Art Director: Kristi Stephenson Photographer: Dave Smith Eating clean and healthy is more than a passing fad. We’re not only demanding that our food taste good, but that it bring value to our bodies in the way of nutrition, energy and general good health. And, as the research shows, the more colorful and nutritionally diverse the food you put into your body is, the better you’ll feel, staving off the ill effects of heart disease, cancer and obesity. It’s a great reason to rethink what you eat, and even better motivation to jump on the bowl bandwagon, the newest way to get your grains, proteins and veggies in a one stop flavor explosion! The convenience of preparing a meal in a bowl isn’t new, but it’s def­ initely a growing trend with global appeal. Pho was always a popular option, but now you’ll find exotic flavors, spices and grains from all corners of the world, allowing for interesting taste and texture com­ binations that are anything but boring. Rice is always nice but take a trip on the wilder side, experimenting with super grains including faro, amaranth and quinoa. Create a mixture of both cooked and fresh vegetables that add crunch and freshness to each bite, while savoring proteins, either vegetable or animal based, livened up with international spices and sauces that include harissa, garam masala and Thai chili pastes. The possibilities and flavor combos on the fork are endless, and what make this style of eating so exciting. 26 Easy to transport, and perfect for using up leftovers in the fridge, we’ve provided a bounty of healthy bowl recipes you’ll love. From a vegetarian Mediterranean feast that’s vibrant and filling, to exotic Harissa Chicken and Eggplant, Peruvian Steak and Sweet Potato or Korean Shrimp with a luscious egg on top, we think you’ll agree. The bowl is here to stay! April/May 2018