April 2017 - Page 9

4-Hers host March Project Day with PDC

Beardsley Beaver members Natalie

Hawkins, Porsha Binning and Bianca

Binning taught the March PDC Project

Day, featuring the Rawlins County

Shooting Sports program. They shared

details about the program and taught

and demonstrated the different

shooting positions in each category.

The PDC members enjoyed seeing the

different guns and how they are used.

4-H is proud to announce the formation of a permanently endowed 4-H Foundation Fund with ACE!!

For donation information, contact the local Extension Office or the ACE Foundation Board.

County Club Day Results

Bianca Binning - vocal solo (top blue), vocal ensemble (top blue)

Porsha Binning - vocal solo (blue), vocal ensemble (top blue)

Shayna Pettijohn - vocal solos (blue, blue), poetry reading (red)

Daisy Hawkins - vocal solo (top blue)

Ryan Wolters - public speaking (top blue) Cloverleaf - dance (top blue)

Kaitlyn Wolters - public speaking (blue) Chardon - skit (top blue)

Natalie Hawkins - public speaking (top blue) Beardsley Beavers - model meeting (red)

Abby Micek - project talk (top blue) Jay Doty - gymastics (blue)

Tommy McFee - project talk (blue) Emma Draper - gymnastics (red)

Kaleigh McFee - project talk (blue) Judy Hawkins - gymnastics (blue)

Tanner Vyzourek - demonstration (top blue) Jazzmin Binning - gymnastics (top blue)

Kaci and Kylie Dirks - project talk (blue) Sami Micek - poetry reading (blue)

Maggie Holle/Eli Holle - gymnastics (red)

Jay Doty/Ayla Moses - gymnastics (red)

Kodi Dirks - demonstration (top blue), gymnastics (blue), poetry reading (blue)

Kaci Dirks - gymnastics (blue), pooetry reading (top blue)

Kylie Dirks - poetry reading (top blue)