April 2017 - Page 6


Destination BootCamp Will Take Place September 12-14. Reserve Space Now!

Destination BootCamp (DBC) is taught by business expert Jon Schallert as a two-and-a-half day training course in Longmont, CO. This workshop coaches businesses on how to become a dominant "destination business" preferred by customers. In this course business owners will learn Schallert's 14-step strategy using in-depth instruction and specific tactics on how to accomplish this goal. The next available workshop will be held on September 12th-14th. By providing businesses within your community with expert-level knowledge, allowing them to thrive and expand, you can expect to see profits in your community grow.

As you may imagine, DBC is an incredibly popular workshop because of its effectiveness. Space goes fast! It is important to register early if you are planning to send a business or group of businesses to this engagement. Businesses preparing to attend this class should register and start preparing at least eight weeks in advance.

E-Communities can access loan funds to help pay part or all DBC expenses. Your NetWork Kansas field manager can help talk you through how this might fit with your E-Community strategy.

Congratulations to Jordynn Fields and Charlie Smith for submitting the winning designs for our new "Welcome to Atwood" entrance signs!

Radio Spot: Wednesday April 5th