April 2017 - Page 50

framed EDUCATION KEY AT FOURTH AVENUE VISION CENTRE Q. What kind of clientele does your store service? A. Our store provides service to a wide range of clients including many baby boomers. Many of our clients have been coming to us, first with their parents as a child and now they bring their children to us. So we have served third-generation families. Q. What are the primary brand names your store features? What are your most popular styles? A. We designed our store to be welcoming and comfortable for clients. Our current displays are set up to easily showcase different brands. We carry unique frames such as Kio Yamato, l.a. Eyeworks, Silhouette, Seraphin, OGA and Spectacle Eyeworks. We prefer to choose frames based on quality and style rather than popular name brands. Dave and Linda Dunkley, owners of Fourth Avenue Vision Centre in Saskatoon, Sask. Optician Dave Dunkley says a top priority for staff at Fourth Avenue Vision Centre is to educate customers about the best lenses and frames to suit their needs. “We feel that an informed customer is someone who makes better decisions,” says the website for the Saskatoon, Sask., optical shop. The vision centre runs a blog on its website, which is regularly updated with information on the business and how to protect the eyes and improve vision. Staff also post often on Facebook. Dave, who has been dispensing eyewear since 1975, and his wife Linda became the sole owners of Fourth Avenue Vision Centre five years ago. The dispensary opened more than 20 years ago and Dave joined the team in 1998. Four people, including the Dunkleys, work at the store. Recently, Dave discussed his business with Optical Prism magazine. 48 Optical Prism | April 2017 Q. What kind of marketing tools do you use? A. Since moving to our new location, we have e W&VFV@vFW"vvV'6FRf6V&BvvRvRG&VBfǖW'0vFƗGFR7V66W72N( 2&VVV&r&6W722R`W2B&"&WFrvVFvR6f"v&BbWF27FFR&W7Bf&bGfW'F6rf"W2vB&R6RbFR&VVfG2bW&FpFWVFVBWFWCW"7F&R&VfV7G2W"W'6fVW2B&VfW&V6W2FR&vvW7BGfFvRbvrFWVFVB&7F6P2FR&ƗGF66R&GV7G2FB7VBW"BW 6ƖVN( 2VVG22FWVFVB&7F6RvR6'&pWrBW6Frg&W2"66RrvVVVBvRfRFRg&VVFF66R&RFW&R6vW2"2f"FRgWGW&Rf FR7F&SvR&R67FFǒV&rBFFrF6vW2FRGW7G'7V62FvF&WFrBƖP6WFF6vR66FVRFw&rB&fPW"'W6W72