April 2017 - Page 23

OPTICAL LENSES ARE A $1.8 BILLION-A-YEAR INDUSTRY IN CANADA, ACCORDING TO THE LATEST FIGURES FROM THE VISION COUNCIL’S VISION-WATCH CANADA REPORT. ABOUT 8.2 MILLION PAIRS OF LENSES WERE SOLD IN CANADA IN THE 12 MONTHS PRECEDING DECEMBER 2016, WITH CONSUMERS PAYING AN AVERAGE OF $223 PER PAIR. JUST OVER HALF OF THE TOTAL PAIRS SOLD WERE SINGLE-VISION LENSES, WHILE 31.8 PERCENT WERE PROGRESSIVES AND 15.3 PER CENT WERE MULTIFOCALS. PROGRESSIVE LENSES DIFFER BETWEEN BRANDS WITH THEIR INNOVATION. BUT, WITH A CLEAR FOCUS ON PROTECTION AND BENEFIT TO THE CONSUMER, THE INDUSTRY OFFERS MANY OPTIONS TO MEET THE SPECIFIC NEEDS EYECARE PROFESSIONALS SEEK AS WELL AS THE UTILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION SOUGHT BY THOSE WEARING THEM DAY-TO-DAY. THIS MONTH, WE HEAR WHAT TRANSITIONS, HOYA, PLASTIC PLUS AND ESSILOR OFFER FROM THEIR PREMIUM LINEUPS. ESSILOR Varilux lenses are developed through the LiveOptics program which puts wearers at the heart of the design and systematically includes tests on real wearers as the final validation step. Second, Essilor believes eye health shouldn't be an option. The Smart Blue Filter innovation has been embedded in every clear lens design of the Varilux range to protect the wearer’s eyes against harmful blue light. Varilux quality is available to everyone. Varilux Physio 3.0, Varilux Comfort 3.0 and Varilux Freedom 3.0 all benefit from new technologies to offer completely natural vision to presbyopes as if they were not wearing eyeglasses. For specific needs, eyecare professionals may turn to the Varilux specialized range, starting with Varilux Digitime, which allows them to fully enjoy their digital activities. The Varilux Stylistic wrap lens design allows the eyecare professional to select the appropriate base curve to fit any type of sports, fashion or oversized frames. Finally, Varilux Azio 3.0 is a progressive lens customized for Asian presbyopes according to their eye anatomy, facial anatomy and ergonomics. Optical Prism | April 2017 21