April 2017 - Page 10

Vision & Voice "What are the most important factors to consider when selecting luxury eyewear?" "Quality, comfort, colour and design - Etnia Barcelona focuses on all four factors. Our mineral lenses are the most advanced in the world, our frames are produced with natural cotton acetate (known for comfort and malle- ability), we offer more than 500 colours and we design differently for each season from Barcelona." Catherine Anselmo, marketing manager, Etnia Barcelona. “Luxury eyewear has a different significance for consumers. For some, the high quality of rare material, the originality of design or the exclusivity and limited edition. The most impor- tant thing is to select collections that satisfy your client's luxury standards by analyzing and understanding your market." André Bélanger, Mood Eyewear. “FOR ME, EACH DETAIL INCLUDING MATERIAL, CRAFTSMAN- SHIP AND FIT IS OF ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE. EVERY ASPECT OF THE PRODUCT AND THE STORY IT TELLS SHOULD BE PERFECTLY CONTROLLED.” Robert Marc, eyewear designer, Robert Marc Eyewear. "Rich colouration, unexpected textures and unique design embellishments characterize luxury eyewear. However, a consumer movement that ECPs should embrace is ‘accessible luxury.’ Certain brands, such as Modern Art, embody remarkable design panache, but are strategically priced to appeal to a much broader patient base." Don Coulson, vice-president of sales, Modern Optical Canada. "One should consider if the design of the frame is thoughtful. By this I mean all mechanisms should be fully integrated into the design, so the beauty of the eyewear stands out. Quality is also key as the frame needs to feel smooth in the hand, finishes should be consistent and all mechanisms should be strong.” Jennifer Coppel, vice-president of brand management, Tura Eyewear Inc.