April 2017 Magazines - Page 50

Some pets may repeatedly lick an area that’s causing them irri- tation, so pay attention to their grooming and take note if you notice them focusing on a certain spot incessantly (especially if you’re unable to break their focus from it). If after two days they’re still licking the same spot, consider making an appoint- ment with your vet, as it might be more than just muscle pain. So, what do you do if your pet starts exhibiting these behav- iors? Really, the only thing you can do as a pet owner is get involved. Start by rubbing your animal down head to toe, slowly massaging them if you can, and gauge their reaction; if they wince or whimper at a certain area then, chances are, you’ve found the source. For short-term issues like an injury o YY[[[X][ۋ[H[[][\]\[\X[X][\\[Y[Y[[]YH][[\] Yܝ ]\HX]Y[\۸&][ []8&\XH[\]\ۚXZ[$X\[\]Z\HH]وHY\[B[KX[Y[[\]8&\Y] ZY[X]]H[YXHۚX[[[X][ۈ[[ܙX\H[ؚ[]KHY[\X[Z[H[ۙ][Y[Y[\[Y]Y[[[ݙ[Y[[[]X]HZ[ۜY\H[\܈Z\[]]\X\^x&\H\Y][ۛH›XZH]X\Y\]Y\Z\[ܘ[H\Z\YYY\[XZH[HY\[HH][Z[[H]\Hو\ B\H܈\X\ \XX[H[X\^H\]Y[ ZHX\Z\[]\܈]\ KۜY\[\XHY܂][X\^Y]ܚ\[HX[ۋ\H\H\H][[H[XZH[\][ܙHYܝXH]YK][^\[][\]\[\X[X]H\ۙ]\HX]Y[[ۜ܈[\] ZHZY[[[[\[[X[[Y]H\Y[Y\H[X\][ۈو[\H[[ۛۈ܈[XY[Y\K[][[[^\\[[XܛX[Z][܋[X\[[Y]Y\][]Bۜ]وX[X]\]KH L ͈[۝وYK]8&\\HXH܈[HYH][XYH\[Y]B]\[HXYX][]\[] H[[[ۈYۂو[Y]H\\X[ۋ][\X]H[[Z[][ۈ[^\]H[^][ۈ\H\[[HYۜY][&\™[ۈ[[\]8&\XY