April 2017 Magazines - Page 24

Clark County Fair Get Moving! Saddle up the SUV April 12th- 16th, and blaze a trail out to Perfect temperatures are only here for a short time before the sweltering heat of summer comes creeping on in. Now is the best time ever to make new habits, get moving and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with the family. Whether you take to the spokes or tie up your laces, here’s some fun events designed to move you to towards a healthier lifestyle. Logandale for this annual extravaganza, where you’ll experience the thrills of a traditional rural Nevada fair. Festivities include carnival rides, a junior livestock show, horticulture exhibits and an endless parade of arts and crafts that cover everything from ceramics to furniture to photography. Over 500 athletes will compete as part of The Wrangler Million Dollar Tour, presented by Justin Boots, and showcasing the PRCA's top cowboys in the nation. Watch as they show their true grit while steer wrestling, team roping, barrel racing and more as they battle it out for cash prizes. You’ll also find plenty of food, drinks and live entertainment, so dust off your boots, round up the kids and experience this Wild West adventure! Call (888) 876- FAIR or visit www.ccfair.com for more information. April 12-16 Bike It or Hike It | April 1 – May 31 Did you know there are extensive trail systems, filled with natural wonders, located right in our own backyard? Make a challenge to visit one or all while earning the chance of winning weekly prizes or a Giant Escape bike valued at $600. All you need to do is grab that cell phone, start exploring by bike or foot and take a unique selfie at the trail head sign you’ve visited. Post your pic on Facebook or tweet it along with the hashtag #bikeitorhikeit2017 to enter. Visit www.cityofhenderson.com for more info. Crazy Spokes | April 8th 11th Annual - Issues Concerning Adolescents of Nevada (I.C.A.N.) Leadership Camp While younger kids have many options available to them for summer camps, finding things for preteens and teenagers can be challenging, especially if )ѡeɔ՝ݥѠ٥ͤɱ́ѡIո1́Ỳ,ɥѠ)ѥ͕ٔQхЁ%Օ́ ɹ͍́ѥ́ȁѡ͍ձȁ)ձĴ܁Ё 1ѕ͍ɽɅѡЁݕ́ɱ́Ѽѡ͕ٕ)ɕєͥѥ͕ٔѕݡͼɅѡѼո(,́хɽЁ1́Y̰ɔѡɱ)ٔѡȁ̸ Ёѡȁɥյչѡ)ՅٕЁѕѡɽչ́U91XɽݥѼ)ɅݥѠɔѡչ̰ѡ́ɥհ)ͥх́ЁѡMՑЁUݥ́ѡ̰)ݥѠɕɕ́͡ɽչиYͥ)ܹɱͽѡչعɜȁɔɵѥ) 彸ѕԁ́ѡݕЁѡ1́ÝY䰁ɔ͕ЁɅ5ѕ̀,]Iո5)9م$ 8ɽЁɝѥɕͥѡ)́ѽéѠɕ́ѡ́ɔ)ɥͱ݅յȁɽɅͥѼѕ)́̀Ĵ܁Ѽ͵Ё̰ͥхѡȁɕ)ٕ́Սєѡ́՜ɕٕѥݡ)͕ɕаՍ͙հȁ̸)QɗéѡѕȁѡɍͥݥѠѡ̸%Ё͕́ɕ)ᅵȁɕѥѡ䁡́ݡɥѡѥɔ)͕ȁѽѡȸQɽ܁ѡ́ѼѡȁٕȁѼѡ)!ͽٕ́A鄰ѕЀ]ѕȁMиȁɅɥ)ѡѥɔݥ丁ȁѡ͔ݥѠѱ̰ѡɗé)ɕ䰁ɥɥݡȁ́ɕ́)ɐхԵեɽɥѡɽ՝Ёѡ)Ʌ̸ɅѥȁݥѠ́ݕɥɅ䁽д)́ѡЁՑȁхɔɅ1չ)е͡ЁɔՑYͥЁܹ彙ͽѼɕѕȸ)ɕѱ䁉ѕչѥ5ѠQͥ䁕ٕЁՑ)ݽɭ̰̰͡P͡аѕɥ̰)ݕ́ѥ٥ѥ́ѡЁՑɕ́х)ܸ͡ѥ́ѥɵѥչ)Ёܹعɜ(Ёɥ5)5䁽́ٔѽՍ䁍ȁݥѠ5䁉)9ѥ ɅQյȁ݅ɕ́5ѠӊéѡəЁѥѼ)ѡɽ܁ͽɅ䁅݅ȁոЁQ5͕)չѥɽЁɝѥٽѕѼɅյ)ɕ͕ɍYͥЁܹ݅ѽɅյ̹ɜ؁ȁ