April 2017 Magazines - Page 26

For the Love of Food Meatless Monday and More The Magic of Mushrooms Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller Most of us have already heard of the Meatless Monday movement, a plan to get Americans to leave meat off their plate that first Art Director: Kristi Stephenson Photographer: Dave Smith workday of the week. It was instituted for a variety of reasons, from improving our health to giving a leg up on reducing carbon footprints and bolstering a greener planet. Although there are numerous ways you can cook up a delicious meal without the use of animal products, there’s really no better alternative than our fungi friends, the mushroom. With an earthy flavor and textural versatility that mimics that of meat, they’re an important staple in the vegetarian recipe world, yet these magical morsels are so much more. Hyped as a super food for 2017, the mushroom has amazing health properties that far exceed that of many other meat alternatives. Functio [YYX[H^\ܛYH]Z\X[]Y\Y[\\\[[[X][ۋ[[HY\][H[[][H\[H[[ܙK^H\H]HوX[H\BXX]]X[\X][ۜ[Y[\\\[][YYX][ۜ]]\[\Y]Y\XY\Y\$B]YܞHوX[\][HHY\\[ܛ[ۙHXX][ۋ]8&\YN]\\\HH]8']8'H [XH܈\^x&\H[X[\[X\H\HBx&\H\[YHو\]ܚ]KYX]\[ۙ^HBX\\Hۛ[x&[[KH]\ٞZ[Yܝ[HBY\HYYH[YX[H]]8&\H\XYH\[H^HوHYZ[H[\\\Y[x&\H[[[\B]HYYH]8&\ۛH܈[K]\\\H\[B\[ X^H M