April 2017 Magazines - Page 57

A Step Above 2017 Talia Ruiz Nothing breaks down the barriers of young adult life more than music. Regardless of what genre resides on your iTunes app, the power of song lightens the soul, brings joy and energy to the fore- ground and provokes thought and emotion. No one knows this better than Green Valley High School senior Talia Ruiz. A talented and hard working performer, she’s passionate about music and theatre, spending hours practicing to perfect a burgeoning talent she hopes to showcase through- out her future career. But music is much more to Talia. She sees it as a way to change the landscape of who we are as people, bringing us closer together than we ever thought possible and for this, Talia Ruiz is – A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.096 Sports/Activities • JV Soccer, 2013-2015 • Women's Flag Football, 2013-2014 • Mary Poppin (Ensemble), 2014 • The Little Mermaid (Ensemble), 2014-2015 • Once On This Island (Timoune), 2015 • Sister Act (Nun/ Michelle), 2015-2016 • Nice Work If You Can Get It (Duchess Estonia Dulworth), 2016-2017 • Concert Choir, 2014-2017 • Madrigals, 2015-2017 • Choir President, 2016-2017 • Executive Theatre Board 2014-2016 • Superior Rating at Regional Solo and Ensemble, 2015-2016 • Honor Thespian, 2014-2017 When did you become interested in music and performing? I got started in theatre because my mom worked at Green Valley when I was little and she'd take me to see the musicals. I loved the idea of singing on a stage. When I got to middle school, I saw choir as my way of getting to do that. I fell in love with it and when I came to Green Valley for my freshmen year, I did both theatre and choir and haven't looked back since. I want to be a professional musician. I'm not sure what style of singing I will do, but I know that I'll be singing for the rest of my life. Why is it so important to you? I think making music is the most influential and important thing in the world. It brings so many different people together especially in high school, and kids who normally wouldn't talk to each other outside of the choir room become really great friends. It speaks to people, and all music resonates emotionally with someone. I fell in love with singing because I love making people feel something. A wise director once told me that it's not your job to make the audience feel a certain way but to make it real, so that they experience some emotion, any emotion. Your hard work on stage and in the classroom has paid off. Anything you’re particularly proud of? I'm pretty proud of my friends and me for getting to perform with the Rolling Stones. It was a n experience I will never forget and I will always be proud of. I am also proud of the fact that I man- age to get good grades while participating in a very busy theatre and choir schedule. April/May 2017 How you look can certainly influence whether you get “the part.” How has this reality made you stronger? I'm Mexican-Italian. I don't speak either language and honestly, the food my mom makes is my only connection to the cultures. Not all parts are written for ethnic looking girls. In some instances, I haven’t been white enough or even brown enough for the part I’ve wanted. But I think anyone of multiple ethnicities can agree with me when I say that my ethnicity doesn't define me. There is no expectation of what I should be. 57