April 2017 Magazines - Page 38

Livin’ Local importantly, well loved. It’s obvious Glenn, Sharon and puzzle on the wall for kids to solve, and a recessed tun! staff take pride in their mission to provide these animals nel in one of the tanks so it feels like you’re underwater with compassion and a comfortable living space. One and swimming with the fishes! word of warning: Unless you want to be reminded of The Farm during the days after your visit, be sure to dust off and clean your shoes, as the smell of earth, hay, feath! ers and fur will follow you home! Sow your oats at TheLasVegasFarm.com for more info. The Life Aquatic: Seaquest Interactive Aquarium As part of the revamping of The Boulevard Mall on Maryland Parkway, this past December saw the opening of Seaquest, an interactive 30,000 square foot aquarium that has over 1,500 species of mostly aquatic and reptil! ian animals. It’s an awesomely huge facility with crea! tures from the Amazon Rainforest, Caribbean and the California coast !! and nearly all of the exhibits are 38 Feel like really getting wet? Upgrade your admission and schedule a snorkel session with the stingrays and other various aquatic life! Rest assured you’re in the water with a staff member and they’ll remind you to shuffle your feet instead of taking steps to avoid stepping on any critters. In addition to the huge tanks filled with thousands of gallons of water, there’s also smaller rooms with wall!tanks that display some really neat species. Seahorses, adorable little Garden Eels, irides! cent Moon Jellyfish and a sinister looking Wolf Eel are just a small sampling of what’s on display. Further into the exhibit are even more rooms that host both small and HUGE iguanas, monitors, lizards, pythons, frogs, tur! tles and chameleons. Pretty much all of these are avail! “hands on” with touching and petting encouraged! Under able for cuddling and photo ops... that is if having a the kind supervision of staff members, kids and adults python on your shoulders is your kinda thing. Then there alike can freely pick up starfish, tiny turtles, snails and are the birds. A beautiful white Macaw sits on his perch even horseshoe crabs. One can also experience hurri! out in the open, parrots and parakeets can be fed by cane!like winds in a simulator and learn the basics of hand while inside their spacious cages, and oftentimes tides and water currents by manipulating dividers in the will perch on your arms or shoulders while waiting to be water table experiment. There’s also a giant marine life fed their morsels.