April 2017 Magazines - Page 67

Expansive open spaces that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living is achieved with the use of sliding pocket doors (disappearing walls) that seamlessly blend the two environments while also creating more livable area. The use of plants softens the edges of the modern space, while adding life and energy in a subdue BvFBW2W2fVVW"B&V6&vVB&VWvVB6V6Rb֖FgVW72f"FRV'FBG2V677FV0&R&r( GW&R66r( FR&7F6Rb6VV7FrBw&vpFfRG2FGG&7B&&G26V7G2BvFƖfR2W6VBpvFFRGW&6ƖrVffV7BbvFW"FBV6W2FRFW& Vf&VBf"FRVvW"7W7F&RVf&VFǒ666W2G66W2FB&VfV7Bc