Sports Report Sports Report April 2014 - Page 28

The Dictator

The benevolent dictator has announced his retirement. Andrew 'Vlad' Demetriou has presided over much financial success in his long AFL reign. Crowd numbers, TV deals and expansion teams are but a few of the ticks on his report card. Not much interesting to reflect on there. So, to the entertaining part: What has Vlad royally stuffed up?

Demetriou is, and always has been, a terrible media performer. The man is too cautious, not wanting to set a foot wrong, or say the wrong thing. This in itself has led to many problems. Being highly intelligent is not a virtue when the feed from brain to mouth is so heavily watered down. David Warner with a stutter could easily outperform ‘Vlad’ in these stakes.

By Tom Mendelsohn