April 15, Tax Collection Guide Paid Ver $8.00 vol 4/24

Sheriff’s Sale Guide A Directory for the Sheriff’s Sale Buyer Featuring Conditions of Sale and Current Listings with photos Writ 1304-4014 809 S. 49th Street PHILADELPHIA 4014 2010 4033 2023 Writ 1304-4033 1831 Nolan Street Writ 1304-4055 5110 Gainor Road Writ 1304-4059 6352 Ardleigh Street 2052 4055 4059 2085 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 1-800-952-7322 VISIT WWW. SHERIFFSALE.COM FOR POSTPONEMENT LIST& PHOTOS APRIL 15, 2013 TAX COLLECTION OF DELINQUENT SALE, Volume 13 Number 2 Disclaimer: With respect to documents and/or photographs available from this publication, neither Reach Communications Specialist, Inc or SheriffSale.Com, and any of its employees assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information. You are strongly urged to visit the location, prior to bidding online or at the Sheriff Sale.