Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 66

Darian Volk is the Visual Art Editor for Apricity Press. Darian graduated in Summer 2016 with her B.A. in Art History from Portland State University and currently lives in Milwaukie, Oregon. She has since become very focused on giving back to her community as she takes a break between gaining her B.A. and going on for her Masters in Museum Studies. She volunteers with The Living Room located in Milwaukie, OR. helping with events and helping the high school students with art related activities. She has continued to help teach special needs students the arts as well. She continues to practice art herself, but has shifted focus onto curating exhibits and becoming more involved in gallery spaces.

Kelly Warburton is the Prose Editor for Apricity Press. Kelly is thirty and has recently completed an MA in Creative Writing in UCC. She has an Arts degree from UCC in English and Psychology and has an MA in Literature and Publishing from NUI Galway. She previously worked in publishing in London. She lives in the fine city that is Cork with her dog Brody and two friends. She is passionate about Writing, Film and TV.

Marcelo Kuna is the Dance Editor at Apricity Press. Marcelo graduated with a B.A. in Dance from the Communication of the Body Arts course at PUC-SP. He currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Dancer, singer and certified DanceAbility teacher (Montevideo, 2013), Marcelo is interested in exploring queer performativity, and the mixed abilities of (dis)abled bodies through the arts of the body. Recently, he created a concert called "Cancioneiro Queer" (Queer Songbook), which features LGBTQ/feminist songs from the repertoire of Weimar Republic Cabaret, Opera, Broadway, Off Broadway, and Brazilian Musical Theatre. Together with his solo "Transviado (Ich bin die fesche Lola!)", the concert was presented as a part of the November/2016 SESC Palladium's program comprised of LGBTQ artists' work, in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. In 2016, he published a 'made for iBooks' ebook called I Am The Naughty Lola!, currently available for purchase on the Apple Store's iBooks app. A feminist art manifesto that focuses on a male body dancing with camp sensibility, the book travels through recent Dance history, and Queer Theory to investigate possibilities for a queer dance.

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