Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 52


We walk together

& our linked hands

have a small friction

like brushes over a snare

drum only incredibly quieter

& the wind is wearing

its big boy pants today

because it’s early spring

so it makes the same

exact sound only a million

times louder. We hear four

different languages

but only in smatterings

as we pass people

& the creaking of the sign

against its pole

& the banging of a door

not fully closed

& even the leaf-rustle

of the books laid out on the sale

tables outside the bookstore

& the toenails of that spaniel

cavorting alongside a jogger

holding its leash

& your voice, I hear

that most of all, your warm

& buttery vowels, I’d say

your voice is magenta

if voices have colors

& of course they do,

voices also have shapes

& geographies

for example yours

is a polygon

with no equal sides

& it is also a wetland