Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 5

editor's note

Welcome to our second issue! The quality of submissions we received for this issue were exceptional-- it was a supreme joy putting everything together. Thank you to all my fabulous editors who read all the submissions, sent me notes and opinions and helped make sure this issue was possible. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to this issue; thank you for believing in this little magazine enough to let your work be judged by it.

This issue is an orange, burst open and fragrant, that rolled out of a grocery bag into the parking lot. This issue is basil water; herby and a little weird but incredibly drinkable. This issue is a line painted by a child across the length of a long white wall, blue, and permanent. This issue is its own constellation.

I hope you enjoy everything this issue offers. I know I do.

Mira Mason-Reader

Founder & Editor-in-Chief