Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 48



When i could not understand

language i stopped : the off

sensation that performance

of other voices : or pressure points :

limits can also be generative : the way

a text inadvertently takes on elements of

its environment : like leaves or a stack of quarters :

moving its way down to the real scenario : this is how i

can walk off and feel

some measure of guilt : i'm a bit sunburned

but it's dark and cool and the headlights flicker off

the surface of the lake : i was there

with my brother after he got out

of the hospital : and i find an empty turtle shell :

and there are native grasses : but a work

is not immune to : i was there with my brother :


They play an important role as history

or substrate : like potting soil : a result of :

why poetry takes guidelines code or more poetry :

which members of a public : in this case

a lone person : bring to their lives : that

they are all involved as a piece or a part of

a piece of an author's language : to communicate

via accidental plagiarism

brings to light expectations that are had on the process :

causing a fistfight : like a blast test : is

so similar in structure to have only been

completely unconscious : having to work

and grow into a copy of an old house : but really :

it's great : it is great : to experience : to touch:

to move around in the country like an infant :

without much care or force