Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 45


on nightmare medication back on it

says the {nightmare} knows

the {nightmare} maxim

which is rolling out

out of bed in sob-fugues

every night pours out from me dramatics

and I call and you sleep

sleep like half a couple in a commercial for cold medicine

not there

{ silver nubs my hands passing through my limbs } not there

{ arboretum of corpses } { the old cafeteria }

{ forcing dead dog meat in my mouth }


{ stacking of dead cousins } { I can’t believe you are here

I can talk to you }

{ you didn’t die after all or maybe }

rot was supposed

to happen

and it was understood

his projector has to run all night

tools I didn’t know the names a kind of pliers

{ cattle remains } { a few movie stars show up }