Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 44


to Sallamari

i followed the maps and didn't know we had to take

a long way round to the lake as if one had to make

those circle lines, entangled yarns and streams that

run down to town, always ahead of you but never

able to come back to the top of the hill which undresses

itself up to the boundaries of spruces around. it is

a bare moon that cheated on us and shone too soon

or it was we who cheated on him and followed

a fox instead.

we walk the paths that shine with marble or was it

just a naked potato in the garden and soft petals

of velvet flowers, withered white wisps of fireweed

- does it remember summer yet? it passed over me

and left traces on sandy roads that lead me through

the forest to the open space where cormorants cut

the sky in halves and faces change into clouds to

make new continents or slowly

pass me by.

there are two lakes, i don't know in which we swim,

water is cold when i immerse myself and learn my

body is alive, oh i am just a Pavlovian dog, i need

to call voglio una donna! just like in Amarcord so

i keep a stone in my pocket to cool me down and watch

smoke from the sauna climbing up as if it was a shadow

cast on a late summer evening that looks like

longing or a tattoo on your arm, this line that goes round

into eternity.

*lake close to Hyrynsalmi, Kajaani (central Finland) on the edge of the

Paljakka forest reserve. its name literally means: Discovery Lake or Lake Find(ing)