Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 29


Coat of all these cold hands

once love leaves you

what poems do you have?

It left like ten snakes

struggling across the sand

I wait for the colors of the world

to undo this stoney jaw

I bruise and bruise

until the blue

blooms like a resurrection

a rock rolling to the side

and then there’s nothing there

You love a cave full of clothes

don’t you? You love a vanishing

a coin hidden in the palm

the thought that god might

hide in plain sight

everything is easy

everything happens on a carpet

the color of your blood

a tablecloth

ripped from you

the crystal left ringing

like a woman crying

at a cave

Here’s a cave

if I curl myself just right

you can climb inside

and tell me if the ghost


if the wounds make it real

if the blue bruises on its cheeks

makes it flinch