Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 26

9. From Calpamulato and Indian comes the 9. Lover of amber

Jibaro. earth. Prelude to its quakes. We,

your aftershocks heard.

10. From Negro and Indian comes the Lobo. 10. Cupid carried a

machete so you would fall

rich as caceo.

11. From Lobo and Indian comes the Cambujo. 11. Syrup of fire hands

the clay beneath my clay

unmold me to you.

12. From Indian and Cambuja comes the 12. Grounds goldened from

Sambahigo. maize for remixing prayers

Gods amalgamate.

13. From Mulato and Mestiza comes the 13. My crimson remorse:

Cuarteron. English to you would crackle

like Ladino whips.

14. From Cuarteron and Mestiza comes the 14. Teal waters hurricane

Coyote. blended winds burry bodies

borderless bones birth.

15. From Coyote and Morisca is born the 15. Iris-ranged skies

Albarazado. fall like petals on our skin

to camouflage guns.

16. From Albarazado and Salta atras comes 16. Unshading my skin

the Tente en el aire. colors me impossible

to the naked eye.

- Jose Perez de Barradas (1948: 184-85)