Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 13


to find you again I have to dismantle you in front of me

dismantling you in front of yourself

I am not done yet so certain of the rewards

of cleverness

machines are sticking parts of themselves

into other machines and it is not okay

say some other machines the other machines say

they do not like it and I know what to call this and it is not right



in the body of birds

can you see this

this is a body I am willing to { cut

cut into thousands of pieces

cut } each piece a thousand times more

so you don’t chew into its soup

what is the same in every language I don’t know

{chemical box of pain

we are all trying to be keeping for each other

I hold it

wanting someone to take my picture of me holding it

black panties white bra white bra black panties

I am the space