Apricity Press Issue 2 March 2017 - Page 12


Rain falls steadily onto the lake. It is likely to be the hottest day of the year.

Thunder enters the room saying, “No memory could follow the trace of this past”. Tarps remain to keep stuff dry. Tarps strung up with hundreds of feet of rope.

Water jumps up out of the water. My best friend in 2nd Grade was named Parker.

We lay on the concrete in an empty ice skating rink. I’ll paint your nails.

I make what I wish happens at the same time that I just let the life goes on.

Is what you wants when that is?

A tangible of tree limbs along the floors.

A burning itch with no source.

The second hottest day of the year. Another record high day. Thank you back to you.

The great thing about being completely dominated is that you can find freedom.

Another day would be great to hang out.

With no supine aloft.

Shit sorry I didn’t knew it was your birthday.

August 15th is was perfect because I spent the whole day doing nothing as I pleased reading old

journal entries and resaying those.

It’s time to get her fixed.

I was born in Vineland, New Jersey but only lived there for a few months we moved I stayed you know.

Unknown creatures tustle which means fight.

This guy is setting and talking.