Apricity Press Issue #1 - Page 9

How to Organize a Neighborhood Block Party

Jack Buck

Live with your family and friends all at once

simultaneously, but not in an overwhelming type of way,

and, certainly not in the same house,

like maybe some of them live on a nearby block

and the rest would live across town,

where you would have to take the city’s train

or a bus , but not a bus route that the city has extra buses for

no, it would need to be a bus that comes by once every 70 minutes or so

also, it couldn’t be in a city like Chicago with the “L” running 24 hours

preferably it would be a city with on-and-off again weather

unpredictable, weather that can change in 10 minutes

that way you have the excuse of not meeting up on a Friday night

2. Check the weekend weather

3. Buy enough sparklers and clean out your freezer to fit a dozen ice cube trays for free ice.