Apricity Press Issue #1 - Page 6


Poetry Healing Carter Steinmann

Poetry How to Organize a Neighborhood... Jack Buck

Visual Art Helmut Newton is Dead Sander Steins

Poetry Arc and Saw Peter Burzynski

Poetry EASTERN SHORE WOODS.... Daniel Pravda

Visual Art The Welder Joseph McDermott

Poetry Remember Cindy Rinne

Poetry Trail of Dry Grass Gerardo Pacheco

Poetry Shooter Howie Good

Visual Art Untitled (Rope Play No. 3...) Maisie Fullerton

Poetry Farm Table Carter Steinmann

Poetry Science Animal Part III Mark Baumer

Visual Art Threadbound Erasure 1 Jayme Russell

Prose The Ants Megan Jacobs

Visual Art Diptych Series Maisie Fullerton

Poetry String of Knots Jay Sheets

Poetry I Live In My Fields Gerardo Pacheco

Visual Art I’M OK, I’M OK Rex Leonowicz

Poetry from an internet of things 1 Matt Trease

Poetry November 3 Dessa Bayrock

Visual Art Threadbound Erasure 2 Jayme Russell

Poetry Can I write you a poem? Jennifer deBie

Fiction Artichoke Hearts Colin Keating

Visual Art Shake Sander Steins

Poetry Flux Cindy Rinne