Apricity Press Issue #1 - Page 5

Editor's Note

Here it is, our inaugural issue! Thank you to all my editors who read countless submissions and sent me all their notes and opinions on everything. Thank you to everyone who submitted work to Apricity; thank you for believing in this little magazine enough to let your work be judged by it.

This issue was comprised of hours upon hours of me sitting in my house in the Irish countryside, waiting somewhat patiently for my horrible internet to load well enough to read submissions, return editor's emails, and find our #Poemoftheday poems. It was a little spotty here at times, but the issue is done, fabulous and ready for the world to see.

Now, sit back and enjoy the issue. It is overflowing with incredible works from people all over the world who decided to share their gorgeous things with the rest of us. While we aim to publish poetry, prose, fiction, visual art and dance works, this first issue holds no dance works. This will be remedied in future issues, events and exclusive issues, so stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy our inaugural issue. I can't wait to put together our next one.

Mira Mason-Reader

Founder & Editor-in-Chief