Apricity Press Issue #1 - Page 45

or is forthcoming from The Best American Poetry Blog, Thin Air, Prick of the Spindle, Working Stiff, Thrush Poetry Review, Your Impossible Voice, RHINO, and Forklift Ohio, amongst others.

Rex Leonowicz - if dionysus were an intersectional feminist performing artist/poet, then dionysus rex renee leonowicz would be. rex is a working class trans/queer/non-binary femme from queens, nyc. s/he's obsessed with cats, life as drag, self-professed freaks, & sparkles. some of their work can be found in it’s night in san francisco, but it’s sunny in oakland, the queer south, lambda literary’s poetry spotlight, gertrude journal, shampoo, etc. s/he loves e-mail and new friends, so get in touch at leonowitch@gmail.com if you feel so inclined!

Sander Steins grew up in a working class family in the village of Berg en Dal, located in the wooded area south of his place of birth. In 2009 he held his first solo exhibition in Beek-Ubbergen (The Netherlands). After that followed a very productive phase in which he shot thousands of pictures for his projects 'Forest' and 'Construct/Destruct', and produced countless drawings. He has participated in many group exhibitions all over the world, including cities like Berlin, Los Angeles and Beijing, and his work has been published in various media, including Cosmopolitan Hong Kong and Advanced Photoshop.