Apricity Press Issue #1 - Page 33

Can I write you a poem? I’m not much of a poet- I’m not Shakespeare or Sheeran or Donne or Morrison or Yeats or Miles or Wordsworth or Wilde or Swift or Sondheim or Browning or anyone like that; but can I write a poem

for you?

It wouldn’t be clever, not like Einstein or Eoff or Beethoven or Aristotle or any of those other people we know; but it would be honest—

because, honestly?

To me




To me, you are the way the sun rises, the way the moon sinks. You are the way people hear the name


You are mixed connotation and culture and danger and beauty and absurdity and recklessness and I know not everyone understands you the way

I do.


Can I write you a poem?

For you.

I want the sun to burn

the moon,

to sing until humanity

understands Betelguese

the way we do.

Maybe then they’d understand you,

the way you deserve…

You make me wish I was clever enough to explain things properly,

for you,

for everyone,

but mostly you make me


to write a poem.

Jennifer deBie