Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 96

Above: Wesley and his wife Pam were married in July 1971. Bottom: Wesley enjoys two Coca-Colas a day; at just the right temperature! Above: Wesley and his Pam still enjoy working together at the funeral home In 1938, the funeral home was closed. Warren, Jr. joined the Air Force. He was a tail gunner of a B52 and flew many missions in World War II in Germany in which none of his flight crew was ever injured. Upon returning home, Warren, Jr. went to embalming school and reopened the funeral home as Swain Funeral Home. It was first located in the old W.W. Morris house, but in 1972 a larger, more modern brick building was constructed on U.S. Highway 1 North, where it remains today. Wesley Swain, the oldest of Warren Jr. & Ruth’s threes sons, now owns and operates the business. He recalls going on his first ambulance call with his father at the age of six years old. It was a fatal car wreck and his first exposure to death. When asked why he decided to continue with the family business, Wesley stated, “It was never a question in my mind. I never even thought about being anything else.” Wesley’s wife Pam Swain recalls going on dates in the station wagon that was the back-up hearse. There was a stretcher in the back and if a call came in they had to go. Wesley and Pam dated six years before marrying on July 3, 1971. Right: Wilbert Lynch has been the grounds keeper at Swain Funeral Home for nearly 20 years.