Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 8

58 CULTURE BUILDS COMMUNITY: 66 THE FLOW OF HOSPITALITY: 74 PARKER BROTHERS FARMS, A CENTURY STRONG: The Appling County Arts Council provides an essential social and economic service to Baxley and Appling County. The Altamaha River is welcoming to all, much like the people of Baxley and Appling County. 58 Brothers Bill and Lewis Parker and their families have created a legacy for five generations and an entire century already – one that Appling County will be proud to continue for generations to come. 84 92 GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN PEOPLE WORK TOGETHER: Community leaders are harnessing the “power of community” to build a brighter future for Appling County citizens. 92 SHOWING COMPASSION: 98 CIVIL WAR HISTORY AND HERITAGE: 6 Wesley Swain owns and operates Swain Funeral Home; one of Baxley’s oldest businesses. Celebrating the 150 Anniversary of the Civil War. Appling County Living 74