Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 69

The Flow Story and Pictures by Sharon Courson OF HOSPITALITY We are never far from the lilt and swirl of living water. Whether to fish or swim or paddle, or only to stand and gaze, to glance as we cross a bridge, all of us are drawn to rivers, all of us happily submit to their spell. We need their familiar mystery. We need their fluent lives interflowing with our own. — (John Daniel, Oregon Rivers) Rivers have a way of making a person reflect on life. After my recent encounter with the great Altamaha River in Appling County I found myself lost in thoughts of hospitality. The river is welcoming to all, much like the people I have come to know in Baxley.  Welcoming smiles abound in this community and outsiders are just people that you haven’t gotten to know yet.  I was given the opportunity to experience hospitality at its finest when Jerry Strickland, his lovely wife Catherine, and Janine Hunter took me on a boat ride around Half Moon Lake and the beautiful Altamaha River. One mention of wanting to go down to the river and take some pictures was all it took for Jerry to make the offer.  Before I knew it, Janine was picking me up at Community Bank and heading down Ten Mile Road to Jerry and Catherine’s house on Half Moon Lake. Their house was once the Marty Carter Store in the early 1900’s at the corner of Zion Baptist Road and Ten Mile Highway.  E.L. McBride was the previous owner and had it moved to Half Moon Lake.  In 2010 Jerry purchased it, raised it up and renovated it into a beautiful home. The view from their porch is as enjoyable as a tall glass of sweet iced tea on a hot summer’s day. Showcasing Your Community’s Personality 67