Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 29

KEEPING FAITH THE Story by Sharon Courson Wendell Crosby is a hard-working, good and honest man, but one more adjective describes him: stubborn! Family members started noticing something was just not right with his health. The white of Wendell’s eyes had begun to turn yellow. His nails became ridged and some turned black and fell off. Of course, Wendell, being the hard-working man that he was, would say he probably had hit it with something while working and shrugged it off. All of his family urged him to go to a doctor, most of all, his wife Elizabeth. One day his mother started crying and said, “Buddy, you are dying. Please go to the doctor.” Elizabeth told her that she had been begging him to go. This finally convinced Wendell to keep one of his doctor appointments. July 1, 1983, Wendell finally decided to go to the doctor after cancelling three prior appointments because he was a very sick man and could no longer use the excuse of “he had to go to work.” At the time he was traveling to Charleston, SC every week and working at B E & K Construction. A family friend, Eileen McCall at the Appling County Health Department had recommended Dr. Miller in Jesup, Georgia. Upon arrival at the doctor, Wendell told him that his family had pushed him to go to the appointment. He said “I work ten hours a day toting cross ties and unloading structural steel, I’m not that sick.” Dr. Miller examined him and after a few initial tests told him “you are as tough as an alligator but I need you to meet me at the hospital.” Wendell replied “I’ll go get a hamburger and make up my mind.” Wendell was admitted to the hospital that day. This began a long journey for Wendell and Elizabeth Crosby. Dr. Ronald Harris was