Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 15

M 3 MARRIAGE, METALS AND MARKETS Story by Melissa Moxley Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” That statement is absolutely true for two Appling County business entrepreneurs. In 2012, Keith Miles, whose family owns JM Miles Construction, came home discussing new growth opportunities for the idle machinery in their warehouse due to the tough economic times. His wife, Jada, owner at the time of a local retail store, listened intently as her husband described the machines that were not being used because of the loss of a production line. However, it was only one machine that caught Jada’s attention, and it was the one that had not been used in several years. This particular piece of equipment was used to fabricate locomotive engine parts. Jada asked if the machine could cut out letters and when Keith said, “yes” her creative nature went into high gear. She recalls, “That night I spent hours on the computer searching websites, auction sites and store front sites and could not find anywhere or anyone who did metal monograms. The next day, I sent one of Keith’s engineers a monogram set up to see if he could cut it out of the metal. When my husband came home from work that afternoon and brought me the monogram, I was so excited. I said, ‘I can sell this!’ I tied a burlap bow on it, put it on my front door, and posted a picture of it on Facebook.” And as they say…the rest is history. Jada sold 54 custom monograms in just the first two weeks. Jada began displaying the metal work in her retail store and was getting very favorable comments. One day Diane Bailey, who owns Bailey Boys Children’s Clothing, stopped by the store and encouraged Jada to consider wholesaling them. She states, “Diane was very instrumental in helping me to get our product launched and understanding the wholesale industry.” Showcasing Your Community’s Personality 13