APL Educational Database Library 2019 - Page 9

Section 2 - Continued

APL Talk! Buzzsprout Podcasts With Cohosts Carl Tichenor and Mary Esther Gilbert

Podcast Episode 1

The Real Fundamental Causes of Common Degenerative Diseased Conditions; The Only Way to Recover Naturally

Podcast Episode 2

The Eleven Critical Elements Required to Transform and Protect Your Health, and Be in the State of Optimal Health Vibrancy the Rest of Your Life


Podcast Episode 3

Why Athletes These Days are Weaker, Prone to Injuries and Take Longer to Recover

Podcast Episode 4

APL Nutraceutical Supplements - How They Optimize Physical Performance and Prevent Setbacks

Podcast Episode 6

The Life Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Podcast Episode 5

Interview with John Becker, PCC Instructor and Owner of "Fight Gravity!" - Performing Gravity-Defying Feats Through Body Movement Control

Podcast Episode 7

Using the Nutritional Synergy System for Optimizing Physical Fitness, Performance, Recovery, Preventing Injuries and Faster Healing

Podcast Episode 8

Carl, a veteran in helping companies and individuals succeed in building the fundamental characteristics for life success, shares his high standards and principles that have resulted in developing leaders.