APL Educational Database Library 2019 - Page 8

Section 2 - Continued

APL Talk! YouTube Channel

With Co-Hosts Carl Tichenor and Mary Esther Gilbert

APL Talk! Interview with John Becker,

PCC Instructor and Owner of "Fight Gravity!"

APL Talk! co-hosts Carl Tichenor and Mary Esther Gilbert interview John Becker, PCC Instructor and owner of "Fight Gravity" company, and discuss how body movements that progress toward achieving absolute control over the entire body in order to perform gravity-defying feats is accomplished through integrating many aspects of what it means to be truly healthy.

From beginners through advancing toward total body control mastery, John's system expands mind-body awareness that naturally leads to a stronger mind with sharpened focus, mental clarity and inner calm. The Fight Gravity! system also results in raising one's awareness of the necessary choices that lead to authentic health vibrancy and an elevated life.