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Section 2 - Continued

APL Talk! YouTube Channel

With Co-Hosts Carl Tichenor and Mary Esther Gilbert

APL Talk! Parts 1 and 2: APL Nutraceuticals Launch in U.S.A, Identifying Leaders for U.S. Market

APL Talk! Co-host Carl Tichenor, Track and Field Gold Medalist and maker of champions, corporate wealth builder and holistic nutritional health advocate explains why the top-notch APL, LLC Company is leading the way in the phenomenal growth of the nutraceutical nutritional supplements industry well into the future.

Carl shows why becoming an APL Associate or Preferred Customer is the wiser, more highly informed decision individuals can make to lead healthier, more elevated, productive and happier lives. Carl also demonstrates how to exponentially grow a substantial income stream, by duplicating and multiplying efforts by showing others to do the same while automatically contributing toward a healthier world.

Mary Esther Gilbert, Nutritional Physiologist and science writer/researcher/educator/holistic health consultant discusses in detail the science and unprecedented technology that allows the efficacy of the potent APL nutraceutical drops to be very distinctive from other superfood nutraceutical supplements in the world.

Mary Esther emonstrates how the botanical ingredients in the APL formulations' 100% absorbable nutrient factors work in synergy in the body's systems and their trillions of biological processes, and how there is complete nutrient and phytonutrient utilization for optimal cellular functioning right down to the DNA/genetic code level.

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