APL Educational Database Library 2019 - Page 4

• Orientation. Once you've made your initial product investment and your recruiting Associate has placed your ID in his or her organization, it is time to be properly launched as an APL Associate Distributor. 1. Begin your orientation process at our Learning and Training Center at https://joom.ag/bTAY. View the introductory videos to become acquainted with: ▪ The wide range of functional health benefits of our APL products. ▪ The scientifically confirmed, health-promoting functions of our botanical ingredients. ▪ How the human body utilizes and rapidly absorbs the APL crystallized drops. ▪ The unique and unprecedented, patented technology that sets APL products apart from any other supplement in the world. 2. Explore and familiarize yourself with the APL Company Back Office at https://usaplgo.com/ by logging in with your new ID number and password. 3. Review the explanation of the Compensation Plan at https://youtu.be/U_qqvV0dkO4. 4. Duplicate the business and recruiting process outlined here. Share this document with your new Associates to streamline your APL business and achieve greater, lasting results. • Learning Resources. The Online Learning and Training Center at https://joom.ag/bTAY continues to expand as more informative videos, podcasts, and recorded informational webinars are continuously added. Our learning resources serve as invaluable tools for properly sharing information about the APL nutraceutical formulations, expanding your product and nutritional health knowledge, and attracting new high caliber Associates like yourself. Again, welcome to the APL Company, a family of dedicated founders, top experts, executives and Associate Distributors who care about the health of humanity and the health of our beautiful planet. We look forward to getting you properly launched and started in your new APL enterprise. It’s so wonderful to be alive and to thrive. We’re so glad you’re here, to share the adventure, embarking on a successful health-improving pathway while helping others find their way to better health, too. Let the fun begin! Your Associate Leaders, Mary Esther Gilbert and Carl Tichenor Co-hosts of the APL Talk! Show. Stay Informed. Subscribe to APL Talk! YouTube Channel Grow Your APL business with Credibility and Integrity Through the Power of Knowledge