APL Educational Database Library 2019 - Page 3

Your receipt is shown in Euros, but your bank statement shows the purchase in U.S. dollars. The Back Office lists current conversion rates, which fluctuate, but it's approximately a difference of a U.S. dollar. To Order. Click the green button on the top left labeled "Purchases", and then click on the first item on the drop-down list to access the shopping cart area. Subsequent purchases will say "Secondary". As you make your selections, you'll see that the shopping cart starts tallying up the total for you so you can see when it reaches the total amount you’d like to invest in your APL business. If you enroll during a period when the company runs their discount campaign specials, you'll be taken to another page so you can make your additional free or discounted selections. The amount of your initial business investment order that is required in order to become an APL Associate Distributor is shown below. The higher an initial product investment you make when entering as an APL business Associate Distributor, the more you subsequently qualify for APL’s generous commissions once you begin to generate business by showing the APL nutraceutical products to your customers and showing others the APL business opportunity. 200 PV 400 PV 600 PV 1800 PV 3000 PV PV = Personal Volume PV is expressed in Euro Currency and is converted to USD after payment processing has been completed. For more information and an overview of APL’s Compensation Plan, visit: https://youtu.be/U_qqvV0dkO4. • Your Preferred Customers. Once the company's upcoming Preferred Customer system is launched, your customers can be entered into the system where you'll receive commissions for their purchases that they can order for themselves. Selling products directly to customers is great; however, it's more lucrative for them to enroll as Preferred Customers, which offers great incentives for more purchases. The regular monthly APL customer campaigns will work for you to help multiply your sales volume more quickly and consistently. • Invest in the APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide. Highly recommended to help ensure your success. An invaluable educational and sales tool to ensure you become a better-informed company and product representative, and also to build a strong foundation of proper nutritional health knowledge. Purchase the hard copy or the eBook version at https://www.holisticchoices.com/APLGo- Prod-Ref-Guide.html.