APL Educational Database Library 2019 - Page 2

Congratulations and Welcome to the APL Family! How to Become an APL Associate Distributor Let’s get you started right. Follow the steps outlined in this document to become an APL Associate right away. Here are the first steps to complete in order to arrive at your initial product purchase, which will allow you to make any subsequent or future purchases: • Register. Follow the link provided to you by the person who introduced you to APL. The link (URL) should look like this: https://backoffice.aplgo.com/register/?sp=819203, except it will have your recruiter’s ID number in his or her link. Important: This is a sample link only that belongs to an actual Associate; do not enroll using this link or your recruiter Associate will not receive their appropriate rewarding commission, and you will be mistakenly placed in another recruiter’s organization. During your enrollment process, you will be instructed to check your email for your access code, which you will type into your enrollment form. Instructions are clear; be assured the enrollment process is simple, as is the ordering process of your initial product purchase/business investment. You will receive your new ID number and pass code, which you will need to access the Back Office at the APL website. • Log In. At the APLGo website at https://usaplgo.com/ click on the Distributor Log-in button and log in using your ID and pass code. Do not make your purchases at the front end of the website. Instead, log in at the Distributor Sign-In, upper right hand corner, once you know your ID and pass code, and make your purchases in the Back Office. Select the Purchases tab, then select the initial order option. Once you have placed your first order and when you place your second and any subsequent orders, the selection will say “Secondary” from then on. • Shipping Information. Select the second option (do not select the San Francisco, Lucy Yee option). Under “Country”, select "United States" and then fill in your shipping information. Also tick "Delivery Service" and the three boxes at the bottom, then click "Continue". • Make Your Initial Purchases. Your Back Office is where you will be placing your initial and subsequent product orders. The initial purchase prices are not discounted; however, you then become eligible for generous Associate discount prices, sales, and free products. After you make your initial purchase, you can turn right around and purchase more product at any time to then get the Associate prices, even if you place a subsequent order right after your initial purchase. The required monthly purchase minimum is at least 40 PV; that is, the personal volume required to maintain your current Associate status is a minimum of $40.00. Currently calculated in Euros, your payment for your products is converted to U.S. dollars after payment processing is complete.