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Section 2 - Continued

APL Talk! Buzzsprout Podcasts With Cohosts Carl Tichenor and Mary Esther Gilbert

Podcast Episode 9

Hosts Carl Tichenor and Mary Esther Gilbert discuss the butterfly effect, why the population's health is degenerating further with each new generation, and the surprisingly simple solutions thousands of people are already implementing that are quickly reversing this serious widespread problem in humanity.

Poscast Episode 10

Hosts Carl Tichenor and Mary Esther Gilbert discuss how the body utilizes the right molecules in the APL drops to help improve the functions of the body's trillions of cells that compose the different tissues, structures, organs and communication systems in the entire body. When cellular damage and functional impairments are corrected, it leads to a reversal from a degenerative condition back toward improved health and well being.

Podcast Episode 11

Host Carl Tichenor asks Mary Esther Gilbert, Nutritional Physiologist, questions about the different effects prescribed drugs have on the body compared to how nutrients are utilized. Mary Esther makes definite distinctions about how drugs alter various system functions versus how nutrients are fundamental to optimal system functioning.