APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 71

Performance Metrics UCR NIBRS Crime Arlington has historically reported crime data using the Uniform Crime Report or (UCR) in Summary format. In 2017, the Arlington Police Department transitioned from Summary format to the National Incident-Based Reporting System or NIBRS. While the department still publishes Summary UCR reports, the Police Department also began publishing NIBRS reports in 2018. Texas DPS mandated all agencies to transition to NIBRS reporting by 2021. Due to the distinct differences outlined below, it is important for the audience to know that the two cannot be compared to one another. Summary Reporting System National Incident-Based Reporting System Summary UCR consists of eight Part I Offenses which are divided into two categories: Violent and Property Crime. Violent Crime includes aggravated assault, forcible rape, murder, and robbery. Property Crime includes arson, burglary, larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft. NIBRS has 46 Group A Offenses compared to Summary UCR’s eight Part I Offenses. NIBRS is structured to improve the methodology used in compiling, analyzing, auditing and publishing collected crime stats. Like Summary UCR, NIBRS reports crime against persons and crime against property. However, NIBRS has a third category, crime against society. UCR Summary Facts: UCR NIBRS Facts: • Provides monthly aggregate crime counts for eight index crimes called Part I Crime. • Records crimes against persons and property. • Provides individual incident records for eight index crimes and 38 other offenses, which are called Group A Offenses. • Records one offense per incident. • Records crimes against persons, property, and society. • Does not distinguish between attempted and completed crimes. • Records each offense occurring within an incident. • Typically records the most serious offenses known as the hierarchy rule. • Does not use the hierarchy rule. • Distinguishes between attempted and completed crimes. • Dynamic reporting, can change as case evolves. • Once reported, does not change. NIBRS CRIME DATA 2018 Total Crime: 29,763 offenses  Down 4% from 2017 Crimes Against Persons: Crimes Against Property: Crimes Against Society: 2018 offenses 7,711 17,241 4,811 Percent change from 2017 +3% -11% +15% Arlington, Texas Police Department | 71