APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 66

Internal Affairs The Internal Affairs Unit investigates allegations of misconduct made against any employee of the Arlington Police Department. Complaints may be made in many formats including in person at any police station, with any police supervisor, by phone, through email or anonymously. Internal Affairs reviews all complaints and either investigates within the unit or assigns the complaint to the employee’s Chain of Command based on the severity of the allegation. Internal Affairs works with police supervisors throughout the department during the complaint process and keeps records of all complaint outcomes. 66 | 2018 Annual Report In July of 2018, the Arlington Police Department began providing a courtesy card to motorists stopped on traffic stops explaining the compliment and complaint process. This card was developed as an enhancement to the Sandra Bland Act. The card is in English and Spanish and explains how to submit a compliment or complaint to Internal Affairs. The card provides options on how to visit, email or call Internal Affairs. Arlington PD policy prohibits any law enforcement initiated action based on an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, economic status, age, cultural group or any other identifiable group. Internal Affairs investigates any allegation of racial profiling. In In 2018, Internal Affairs was contacted 296 times regarding the courtesy card. There were 188 commendations, 88 general calls and 20 complaints. Of the 20 complaints received, there were no sustained cases or discipline issued. 2018, Internal Affairs conducted six racial profiling investigations. None of these allegations led to sustained discipline for a violation of the racial profiling policy. The Arlington Police Department posts its annual racial profiling report on the organization’s website.