APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 64

Administration Police Administration encompasses a diverse group of professional staff that support the Office of the Police Chief and the police organization overall. Personnel collaborate with other department divisions to bring together non- centralized information in order to reduce organizational blind spots and appropriately respond to internal and external customers. Since the department operates from a geographic policing model, it is important to review outcomes locally and in an aggregate manner. Administrative and Operation analysts create a variety of reports that aid in decision making and effectively forecast future needs of the department. Self-imposed annual review of policies and procedures ensures that the department is forecasting change and committed 64 | 2018 Annual Report to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to “Best Practices” in policing and offering exceptional service to the Arlington community.  Since the department successfully transitioned from Summary Uniform Crime Report (UCR) to National Incident Based Reporting (NIBRS), Police Administration now has the capability to not only benchmark ourselves against other agencies; but also drill down into beats and sectors to determine patterns of crime. Police Administration closely follows legislative affairs that impact our community, officers, and future ability to mitigate crime. The department supports the city’s national and state legislative agendas in addition to being aligned with important topics from the Texas Police Chiefs Association, Major Cities Chiefs Association, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Police Administration is also responsible for the department’s strategic plan. This year, the Chief Administrative Officer focused conversation surrounding personal accountability from command staff for each of the strategic goals. The conversation will continue into 2019 with front line supervisors and officers. Goal #1: Build Procedural Justice into Arlington PD Culture Goal #2: Focus on Organizational Diversity Goal #3: Training and Employee Development Goal #4: Excellence in Execution of Core Services and Special Initiatives Goal #5: Community Engagement