APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 61

Tactical Intelligence & Crime Analysis Crime Stoppers The Arlington Tactical Intelligence Unit (ATIU) is staffed with a sergeant, several detectives, and an intelligence analyst. ATIU provides field coverage to patrol 7 days a week. The unit monitors for terrorist and criminal activity and provides assistance to patrol officers responding to in-progress calls. Active investigations can receive assistance from personnel through suspect work- ups. The unit has updated its audio- visual system with enhancements to monitor local, state, national and international news for any incident that may have a nexus to Arlington. The system is also used to monitor traffic cameras and other city or law enforcement camera systems. The unit maintains the department’s participation with Tarrant County Crime Stoppers. There were 122 suspects profiled on Top Ten Most Wanted Bulletins in 2018 with 95 arrests. This is equivalent to a 78% success rate of suspect identification and apprehension. The Crime Analysis Unit is comprised of several analysts who study crime data and trends to assist commanders in field personnel with deployment strategies. Each patrol district has an analyst assigned to support operations in a geographic area. The unit involves systematic analysis for identifying and analyzing patterns in crime and disorder. Bulletins produced by the unit assist with getting offenders identified so that detectives can issue arrest warrants. 122 suspects were posted on the Arlington PD Top Ten Most Wanted Bulletins in 2018, resulting in 95 arrests. The program boasts a 78% success rate. Crime Stoppers - Arlington PD Tips Received 707 Arrests Made  95 Cases Cleared 177 Property/Drugs $152,090 Rewards Paid                     45 Rewards $25,475 Campus Crime Stoppers - Arlington ISD (handled by Arlington PD) Schools Reporting  Tips Received  Arrests Made Admin. Discipline Cases Cleared Rewards Paid  Rewards 20 159         8 8 20 18 $1,215 Arlington was recognized in 2018 for   Greatest Dollar Recovery and Most Cases Cleared in the category of counties with populations over 1,000,000. Arlington, Texas Police Department | 61