APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 60

Property & Evidence The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for receiving, organizing and maintaining of all items turned in by police personnel. In 2018, there were 29,228 items booked in with 35,597 items destroyed pursuant to approved court orders and protocols. Since May of 2018, the property room staff have focused their attention on completing inventories of all high security items while keeping up to date with destruction orders. Field personnel have the option to safely secure certain items of evidence at the substations. Property and Evidence Technicians make 60 | 2018 Annual Report visits to substations to collect evidence throughout the week. Items are tracked through the Record Management System, a computerized system that establishes a barcode for each item of evidence or property. The public can retrieve items during normal business hours after a detective informs them that the items may be released. The only exception to this involves firearms. Firearms have certain protocols before they can be released so citizens would need to contact the Property and Evidence Unit for information.