APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 6

Chief’s Message Follow Chief Johnson on Twitter @ArlingtonChief On behalf of Team APD, I am privileged to present the 2018 Arlington Police Department Annual Report. Throughout this report, you will find stories of compassion, heroism, and how we serve the community each and every day. The support that our elected leaders provide is instrumental in the success of our operations, and we have a city management team dedicated to support our community initiatives and employees. I am so proud of our community achieving first place for National Night Out. Community participation and citizen engagement efforts are vital to the long-term successes that our department strives to achieve. Make no mistake about it, this is not an easy award to obtain. While we have been in the top ten for many years, bringing the top award home was an incredible feat, and we owe it to the citizens of Arlington and our dedicated employees. The strength of our city lies in Arlington’s “can do” spirit.  This spirit can be seen in our residents, our business community, and our employees. The Arlington Police Department made significant progress in our ongoing efforts to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for our neighborhoods and for our visitors. Our 2018 focus included targeting known offenders, illicit drugs and illegal guns. We know that in many cases, the nexus of repeat criminals, illegal drugs and illegal guns are associated with a majority of the violent crime we experience. In 2018, we created a new Gun Crimes Unit to combat gun violence. Our effective enforcement focused on reducing the prevalence of gun violence in our community, including the pervasiveness of road rage incidents and the harm that goes along with reckless driving. Beyond gun violence and aggressive conflict between drivers, our DWI Unit continued to remove dangerous and impaired drivers from our roadways. Youth investment and mentoring continued to be a central priority for the department. From mentoring student athletes, elementary and junior high students, to high school students in our Hometown Recruiting program, we are striving to help shape young minds with positive influences that build greater rapport and trust in the community and help our youth reach their full potential. In 2018, we were proud to publish a Community Policing Story in conjunction with the Department of Justice COPS Office to assist other agencies in learning about the way we provide policing services in Arlington. There are so many compelling stories to tell in this report. I hope you enjoy reading and learning more about our department. This report highlights the commitment and testament of our brave men and women who work for your hometown police department. Will D. Johnson Police Chief 06 | 2018 Annual Report